MCM - Monthly Commodore Meeting / Mesicni Commodore Mecheche


Tohle setkani je primarne zamerene na vsechno co se tyka znacky Commodore. Od KIM-1 az po Commodore PC. Dokonce do toho zahrnuju i kalkulacky a digitalni naramkove hodinky znacky Commodore. Od original vyrobku po posledni technologicke vychytavky jako je Chameleon nebo nejnovejsi C1541 Ultimate. Existuje taky hodne starsich veci on CMD, i nejake no-name zalezitosti, proste pokud je to vyrobeno pro pocitac Commodore, je to vitano! A vy taky! ;-)

  • prineste svoje kousky na ukazani!
  • omrknete nejake z tech mych…
  • prijdte pobejt a pokecat o cemkoli co se tyka znacky
  • vzdycky bude chvilka na nejakou tu hru
  • pokusim se vam poradit, vyresit vase pripadne problemy
  • dokonce se pokusim pomoct s opravou, pokud potrebujete
  • bude sranda!

Pristi setkani

Pristi party je planovana na patek 18. srpna 2017, od 20:00

O akci:

  • dalsi cast noveho Commodore retro-computingoveho serialu
  • prijdte si to uzit!
  • pritahnu C64M - mobilni C64 (moje uprava)
  • uvidite IDE64 v akci!
  • urcite prinesu i dalsi HW

Prvni setkani

Prvni MCM party byla ve ctvrtek, 15. cervna 2017, od 20:00

Proc MCM?

Mame uz nekolik ruznych akci pro retro computingove fandy. Ale nejsou moc casto a zadna se nespecializuje na nasi platformu. Takze tady to mame, MCM je tu pro vsechny ty Commodore kramy, co jich ve svete je.

Zapisky z akci

  • MCM#1

Skvela ucast! Prislo snad deset lidi…
Zejmena me nadchli old school kluci z puvodni skupiny RUSH.
Amiga 1200, C64, C1541, C1571, C1581

  • MCM#2

V peti to taky jde.
Poprve jsem videl funkcni svuj VC20 a mohl ho otestovat s rozsirenim 16k RAM.
C64, VC20


This meeting is primarily focused on all of the Commodore brand and related stuff. From KIM-1 to Commodore PC. Even Commodore brand calculators of digital wrist watches are in the scope. From the original equipment to the latest technology advancements like the Chameleon, or the newest C1541 Ultimate. There is a lot of older CMD equipment, also some no-name stuff, but once it is made for the Commodore brand computer, it is welcome! And you are also! ;-)

  • bring your stuff to show up!
  • see some of mine…
  • come to see and talk about anything related
  • there will always be an option to play some games
  • i will try to help you with your questions and/or problems
  • i will even try to repair your stuff if needed
  • have some fun!

Next session

Next session is planed for Friday August 18th 2017, 20:00


  • next iteration of the new Commodore retro-computing series
  • come to have some fun!
  • I will bring the C64M - mobile C64 (my mod)
  • You can see the IDE64 in action!
  • I will definitely bring some other HW also.

First session

First MCM session was held on Thursday June 15th 2017, 20:00

Why MCM?

There are some other meetings for the retro computing fans. But those are not so often and none is specialized for our platform. So here we go, MCM is for all the Commodore stuff out there.

Session log

  • MCM#1

Nice attendance! There was some 10 guys there…
I was surprised especially by the old school guys from the group RUSH.
Amiga 1200, C64, C1541, C1571, C1581

  • MCM#2

Even in five there was some fun.
I saw my VC20 working for the first time and was finally able to test it with 16k RAM expansion.
C64, VC20

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