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founder: Tom
depends on: Jenda
interested: sachy
software license:
hardware license:

A clone of North Paw, an anklet that tells the wearer which side is north using vibrating motors, was built in 2011. Thats our v1, but we want better!

We want to modernize whole concept:

  • replace vibrating motors in plastic tubes with for example this one, or this one
  • upgrade electronics to modern one
  • upgrade fabric stripe around the ancle with adjustable size (some kind of elastic band/rubber?)
  • make better board - first one was bad, according to Jenda
  • possibly conduct experiments about orientation and passive memory of directions

List of electronic parts (TODO)

  • atmega
  • battery (something like 18650)
  • shift register
  • magnetometer


Nothing build yet, in active progress


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