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-===== Introduction ​=====+===== Continue on this page =====
-This project ​covers (differential) power analysis, timing attacks and glitch/fault attacks using Chipwhisperer Lite board.+**This page should point to [[https://​brmlab.cz/​project/chipwhisperer/​start]],​ but dokuwiki is somehow screwed up.**
-We will look at SW version 4.0.x, since 3.5 is old and 5.0 is alpha. 
-===== Links ===== 
-  * [[https://​wiki.newae.com/​CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite|Chipwhisperer Lite HW description]] 
-  * [[https://​wiki.newae.com/​Tutorial_Map|Chipwhisperer tutorials]] 
-===== Chipwhisperer in action ===== 
-An example screenshot of guessing the password for XMEGA target program from power traces 
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