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 +====== Rendering photon mapping ======
 +name=Rendering photon mapping|
 +interested=[[user:​maxfx]]\\ [[user:​none]]|
 +Photon mapping is the process of modeling the true interactions of light and energy within an environment to create truly photo-realistic lighting effects and visuals that make current shading technologies look like they are something from the 8-bit era. Nonetheless,​ photon mapping is very complex on a theoretical level, and deep understanding of it can only be achieved with advanced knowledge of physics, optics, mathematics,​ and 3D graphics.
 +===== Goals of this project =====
 +The basic idea of any system is to simulate light rays moving from a light source and calculate the intensity based on each infinitely small point on a material.A basic rendering system must therefore have the ability to generate rays, intersect rays with the scene, calculate the lighting per interaction,​ and perform reflection and refraction. ​
 +  ​
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