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     * http://​www.cpcwiki.eu/​index.php/​RGB_SVideo     * http://​www.cpcwiki.eu/​index.php/​RGB_SVideo
     * http://​mirrors.arcadecontrols.com/​VGATV/​pwp.netcabo.pt/​pscoelho/​vgatv/​ludovico/​LC-AD724.html     * http://​mirrors.arcadecontrols.com/​VGATV/​pwp.netcabo.pt/​pscoelho/​vgatv/​ludovico/​LC-AD724.html
 +    * https://​hackaday.io/​project/​135992-ilelis-405d-rpi/​log/​144006-random-thoughts-and-findings
   * CNC XY projekt pro skenovani diaku   * CNC XY projekt pro skenovani diaku
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